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Posted at January 23, 2015 by admin

Video interviewing: Future or Fad?


No-one likes job interviews. They are intimidating, awkward and often very stressful. What to wear and what to say, do they like me, have I got the job? However what if you didn’t have to go to the office to do the interview, and you could actually do it from home, pre-recording your responses? A dream come true for candidates, or a disaster?

Video interviewing has been a part of the recruitment process for many years, but with newer faster technology available to us all, in the recruitment world, video seems to be evolving at a fast rate.  The likes of Skype and Go To meeting and Join Me, can provide live interviewing which enables the recruitment process to be totally mobile and cost effective with regards to eliminating travel costs.  However there are now more advanced video interview tools from companies such as The Needle, that can facilitate the video interview to be recorded in the candidate’s own time, using a questions and response format, done via a webcam. Recruiters can set up the interview, set a deadline and invite candidates to interview, plus there are other feedback tools such as a rating and commentary functions, that facilitate faster short listing and feedback from hiring managers.

Christine Tautari, Co-founder & Director of The Needle, talks about their system: “Our system is unique to other video interview products on the market, as it formats each video interview in an H.264 format. For all the ‘non-technies’ out there, that simply means its like watching a YouTube video and the videos stream from our live servers. This makes it simple for the untrained hiring manager or recruiter to access, play and review, but most importantly, recruiters and hiring managers can watch the videos on any Internet connected device. Recruiters are enjoying up to as much as an 88% time saving on early stage screening activities by switching to using video.

But it’s not all just about the recruiters! Convenience is there for candidates also as they can record on their laptop, desktop or mobile device. The Needle also provides the candidate with a link to their video, once it has completed processing.”

This new tool can aid the whole recruitment process, for everyone involved.  Candidates are given the chance to prepare and rehearse the interview, and provides them with the perfect opportunity to sell themselves at a time when they are most relaxed and at ease letting their true personality and talent shine through.  Recruiters are able to provide candidates an alternative to the usual interview process, especially great if there are geographical or travel issues involved. They can also offer hiring managers a streamline, fast interview process that will help them make faster decisions as they literally have more information to go on than just a CV. Hiring managers can receive and view the video interviews wherever, whenever and with busy schedules can short list candidates around the clock for a fast turnaround.

Another benefit of such a tool is that interviews and refer back to at a later date, it provides a strong library of high calibre videos that are available if opportunities arise at a later date that a candidate might be suitable for. Which could be hugely beneficial for all parties.

While the tool is extremely user friendly, there are always some who challenge the process. Some candidates are initially reluctant to do video interviewing. There may also be a slight generation gap which effects this too with the older generation being less savvy about this type of technology.  Others may argue that face-to-face interviews are the only way to truly gauge what a person is like, and that video can produce a false perception.

Technology is fast taking over every aspect of our lives and it is no surprise that tools and such as video are growing in popularity. Cost and time effective tools should be something that every recruitment business explores. While any new process might be met with some resistance, it’s important to peruse if it will enable a better recruitment process. However it looks like video is here to stay and in the mobile, flexible world we are living in offering candidates and clients a faster alternative to the long slog of interview can only be a good thing.

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Posted at January 20, 2015 by admin

What do you really want from a recruiter?

Purple are always striving to be better at what we do. In a competitive market its imperative that we continue to offer our candidates and clients the very best. While we have a host of excellent testimonials we felt the only real way to know the truth was to do an anonymous survey to 200 of our most recently placed candidates and most regularly used clients to see what they really thought of Purple.

The results that we received were startling.  It has proven, what we hoped to be true, that as an agency we are highly respected and trusted, and that our consultants are without a doubt the nicest people in our industry.

Would our customers or clients recommend us? 100% said they would. Now that is something to shout about!

It was also interesting to see that quality, honesty and trust were the top three most important factors for people when choosing a recruiter, compared to value for money, team, speed as some may have thought. Results also showed that Purple are deemed to be extremely honest – and that this was infact one of the main reasons that candidates and clients continue to work with us time and time again.

Check out some of the other awesome feedback that we received here:

C describe    c words 6

C words 3

c words 5

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Posted at January 15, 2015 by Marketing

Is 2015 the year of the Creative Boom?

creative boo,

As we all slogged back to work last week there were many of us thinking about what the year ahead would have in-store.  The economy in general seems to be on a positive uplift which is great news for everyone, but more importantly for many in the creative world – the Design industry looks set to boom.

Earlier this month Design Week noted that last year the design sector contributed £3.1 billion to the UK economy– a massive rise of nearly 25 per cent from the previous year, which is a huge increase! However, looking deeper into key findings of the Creative Industries Economic Estimates for January 2015, it seems that this leap is not a revelation and that the industry has been showing a steady growth since 1997 and the number of jobs within the Creative Industries has increased by 3.9 per cent each year between 1997 and 2013, compared to 0.6 per cent in the rest of the UK economy.

So what does this mean for us in 2015 with the creative world a buzz, will it continue to grow as an industry and how?

Brand competition is hotter than ever, the pressure is on to grow more and more disruptive to survive.  Several new business ideas launched last year with new modern models that  have exploded onto the market (Uber, AirBnB). This has meant that existing businesses are beginning to take note and reassess their brand and offering. This will surely lead to an influx of work for creatives to re-invent tired brands, and look for ways to push the creative boundaries.

The year ahead will also see new devices hitting shop floors, offering brands and businesses additional opportunities to target consumers. Wearable tech and a range of smart phone applications will continue to change the way we access information, providing a world of opportunity for advertising and communication across new platforms.

There also looks set to be growth thanks to international interest, after 2014 saw a large increase in the international requests for British design expertise. Nearly 40 per cent of creative business in 2014 came from outside the UK according to industry figures; meaning in 2015 there could be an uplift in the need for the British talent which could benefit the economy greatly.

The year ahead looks set to be both fascinating and fruitful for all involved in the creative industry. The possibilities for brands and businesses are more exciting than ever before, making designers a hot commodity, so work hard, push boundaries and let’s make 2015 a year that the creative industry remembers.



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Posted at January 13, 2015 by Marketing

New Year News at Purple!

After an awesome Christmas break Purple came back raring to go last week for 2015.

The year got off to a flying start for two of our employees.

The man in charge of the numbers, Haroon who has been with Purple for just under 2 years was honoured with a promotion to Financial Director and also added as a new member of the Board. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the systems and finances of Purple are tip top.

Marketing Executive Charlotte was also praised for her work behind the scenes on content and branding with a promotion to Marketing Manager, after just 8 months at Purple.

Please join us in congratulating Haroon and Charlotte!

haroon 2

It was also a sad day on Friday when Purple waved off our Associate Director Aeysha as she heads off to have a baby girl.  Purple will miss her greatly, but know she’ll be back in no time at all!  Aeysha’s client services desk will be kept warm with the wonderfully talented Debbie Jackson so any queries send her way.

aey 4

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Posted at January 7, 2015 by Marketing

Is January the best time to look for a job?


When it comes to looking for a new job, there’s no time like the present. There isn’t really a wrong or right time to start the hunt and job seekers should always be actively looking, if you wait for the stars to align and a perfect opportunity to fall into your lap – you could be waiting forever.

That being said, there are some points throughout the year that can help and hinder your application and search.

Consider when you are sending your CV/folio, or applying for jobs, if you sent a bunch applications the week before Christmas, you might want to resend. The build-up to a holiday is often when companies are busy wrapping things up before the break, so recruitment could have been pushed to the bottom of the pile and your application could have been lost in someone’s inbox.

It’s really important that you consider different industry’s hiring cycles too. The financial services industry, for example organise bonuses and budgets just before year end in April, so it’s from then on that their recruitment heats up. However in the creative industry, the cycle is not as defined, it’s client lead and dependent on the marketing cycle of individual clients. The creative industry is also reliant on business and accounts won, they’ll often require an influx of employees to work on particular projects throughout the year.  It’s a good idea to speak to a specialist creative recruiter at the start of the year as they will be able to advise you on what is available now, what might be in the pipeline and how best to approach your job search.

January is undoubtedly one of the most popular times for recruiters as people either set themselves new career goals for the New Year, or they just dread going back to their current job so much that they begin the hunt for a new opportunity.  The ratio of new candidates to new jobs is highest in January, by a considerable margin of around 24%. However, it can also mean that the recruitment market gets over crowded by job hunters making the task of selecting the right people for shortlist and hire more difficult. January is the perfect time for a job hunter to set a recruitment plan, work on their CV, update their folio, research the industry making a good start on the job hunt.

Most industries see a Summer time slump in recruitment, as lot of staff take their annual leave between June and August. September however, there is a surge as individuals plan to move and settle before the Christmas break comes around again.

These days, for many people, getting a new job is more about networking than spotting the perfect job advert. So make sure you are constantly up to date with industry news and always be on the look out for new connections with relevant people in your industry.  There is so much to consider when you are searching for your next role – but the best way is to get yourself out there, perfect your personal brand and start searching now!

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