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Posted at March 31, 2015 by admin

A List Series: Ben Curwood, Head of Talent & HR

The creative industry in London is brimming with talented individuals who are helping to shape our creative world. These industry A Listers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and Purple’s aim is to share their insights with our clients and candidates.

From CEOs, to Creative Directors, Heads of Technology to Talent managers, there are an array of professionals that are behind the workings of agencies and we want you to meet them! We will delve into what drives them, what challenges they face, their views on the industry and explore their careers, and we hope this will help to inspire the new generation of creatives.

This week Purple met the Ben Curwood, Head of Talent & HR at Native:


Ben is a talent professional with a decade of experience defining and delivering talent solutions across design, technology, innovation, media and consulting. He began in recruitment agencies before going in house in 2012.

He is very passionate about what he does and wants to ensure companies grow in the right way – through their people. While he invests in the powers of new technology and social, he is a firm believer that there is no substitute for real ‘person to person’ interaction and communication, especially in recruitment.

Ben is now responsible for the global talent acquisition, learning & development, retention & the future of some of the world’s top talent at award-winning, integrated experience design consultancy, Native Design. This interview explores the challenges and benefits of technology and social with regards to resourcing talent, tips on how to fill a niche role and the necessary traits of  a successful  talent manager.

Check out more A List interviews here:

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Posted at March 27, 2015 by admin

The Purple guide to office fitness


We’re a health-conscious group here at Purple, and while our jobs are predominantly office-based – like most creative employees – that doesn’t mean that we’re sat still all day. We’ve got some great, creative ways to exercise and burn calories while you’re at work, so our creative consultants have shared their strategies.

Warming up for work

To get the day started off the right way and energise themselves, a few of our creative consultants like a brisk stroll around the office. We have a looped office space that enables us to lap round a few times, say “hi” to our friends, make a tea and take in the sights. For those of you who are step conscious, it’s around 50 steps – not that we’re counting!

Post-breakfast bicep curls

After a quick (and nutritious) breakfast, we’re ready to get working. We’re constantly on the phones discussing the latest, awesome roles available with our creative candidates, getting the low down from our industry leading clients, and filling amazing roles. Using the phone gives us a great opportunity for an arm workout. Here’s how:

1. Keep your elbow on the desk.
2. Lift the handset and curl upward to the ear.
3. After each call, replace the handset with an outward curl.
4. Repeat up to 50 times a day – (changing arms half way through); yes, we make that many calls.

Water cooler weight lifting

We’re always trying to keep hydrated, so water is consumed by the gallon. The water coolers are changed at least once a day – enabling one lucky consultant to embark on a weight lifting mission:

1. Squat to pick up the container
, keeping your back straight
2. Lift and drop for 3 (repeat if you’re up to the challenge)
3. Travel with the container to the cooler – feel the burn!
4. Swing up (back straight, remember) and place onto the cooler.

All done, hydration awaits.

Seated and standing squats

It’s important to keep the legs and thighs warmed up throughout the day. We’ve got a very active office, giving the consultants the chance to sit and stand regularly.

1. From a seated position, keep your back straight and rest your feet on the floor.
2. Hold for 5 seconds.
3. Bend the knees and drop down back onto your seat.
4. Repeat 20-30 times throughout the day.

Fingertip strengthening

Our office is constantly bubbling with a humdrum of activity. Whether it’s putting together job adverts or emailing our clients with contracts, our fingers are always busy:

Rest your forearm on the desk, lifting from the wrist.
Ensure fingers are poised over the keys and begin to type.
Ideal output is at least 1 word per second.
Once your task is complete, rest – you don’t want to strain your wrist.

As you can see, we’ve got a full body workout that’s perfect for any London creative, so whether you’re sat at home looking for your next great creative role, or your happily employed, try out our exercise tips and burn off some calories while you work. Once your workout’s complete, give us a call and speak with one of our consultants to see how they could give you your next great creative role.

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Posted at March 24, 2015 by admin

Celebrating Creative Women: Genevieve, Designer

Week 17, Purple chat to Genevieve Smith, Creative Designer at FutureBrand

London creative jobs

Genevieve a French and American Creative designer, started out studying Linguistics and Literature in Paris where she graduated with a BA. She then relocated to San Francisco where she studied Graphic Design and graduated with her second degree at the Academy of Art University. During her time there she was able to explore Industrial design, Packaging design, 3D printing, Model making and Web design and it was a mixture of these experiences that helped her to see design as a whole rather than separate disciplines.

While building expertise in a certain area is important it is a real asset, if you are able to work with different team members who may not be graphic designers and to see the bigger picture.

Genevieve has been living and working in London for the past 3 years and is currently working as a designer on the Corporate Identity team at FutureBrand.

1)  What does an average day look like?

I usually wake up early, around 6 am, so I can avoid the rush hour on the tube and get into work early. I enjoy being able to have a cup of tea and get caught up on work email before the day starts. Once the day begins I’ll either get briefed with the team on a project or continue work on existing projects I’ve been assigned to.

My daily activities can involve sketching, research, creating mood boards, identities, visual mock-ups, brand guidelines, and can also include internal meetings, presentations or meetings with the client where feedback will then be applied to the design.

After work if I have time, I’ll take a yoga class, or a course I’ve signed up for, as I love learning, and I’m always curious exploring new subjects. I’ve taken an Experience design course after work last year for example and I am currently studying UX Design in the evenings, which have both been great additions to my current role. Yoga is also a passion for me. In fact, I’ve trained as a yoga instructor a few years ago, have been teaching yoga classes weekends and evenings since. I’ll usually teach a weekly yoga class in the office depending on everyone’s schedule and it’s been a great way for people to unwind and for different team members to interact outside of work.

2)   What career path lead to your current role?

When starting out, I interned in web production at the Yoga Journal in San Francisco, and started freelancing designing logos, redesigning websites, or working on packaging projects and creating packaging mock-ups. I never turned down a project, which gave me an opportunity to explore the different areas of design and get hands-on experience.

I then relocated to Paris and interned at Landor. While there, I had the opportunity to work with both the packaging and branding teams. This experience helped me tune into my area of focus: branding. Following this experience I relocated to London, and after completing a placement at Interbrand and again at Landor, I started freelancing working on projects in branding, packaging and advertising until I settled into a full time role at FutureBrand in 2013.

3)  What is the favourite thing about your role?

I love the fact that branding applies to all platforms, and you never know what type of project you might work on next. You could be working on a global corporate brand one day and then a small local gym brand the next. I relish the variety and ability to work across platforms.

4)  What has been the biggest challenge in your career?

The long hours can be tough at times, especially if there is a busy period that just keeps on going for weeks and months, but being part of a team and all working towards that same goal as well as the end result, all makes it worthwhile. After a really busy time, I make sure to take a yoga class or take some time to relax to balance things out.

5)  What is your biggest work achievement to date?

Having had the chance to work with great teams, brands and companies in both Europe and North America has been a personal dream come true.

6)  What advice would you give to a younger self?

To believe in yourself and stay curious. This first one isn’t always easy to achieve when starting out, but is important to start building your own voice and discovering your interests. I think young designers are pressured to create perfect looking designs the first time round, and aren’t always allowed to make mistakes. I think that’s probably why a lot of designers now jump onto the computer without having had a chance to explore all of the different avenues. So remembering that it’s all part of the process, to believe in that process and never tire of seeking the right solution to the problem, is something I would emphasise.

The second one I would say is equally important, as you never know where your career will take you. You may be working on a certain type of project one week and something completely different the next, so staying curious could help make these changes a little smoother and more interesting, because a curious mind will want to take on a new challenge and see what can be learnt from it. Exploring other areas of design and techniques can also give someone a new perspective on an existing problem, so if I feel like I am stuck I tend to step out of my routine and start exploring new venues, museums, books, classes, events etc. which always trigger new ideas. So never get comfortable, keep challenging yourself and stay curious!

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Posted at March 23, 2015 by admin

Meet the new Academy of 2015!


It is with great pleasure that we are able to introduce the NEW Purple Academy of 2015 – our future creative recruitment consultants!

After the huge success of the October 2014 Academy launch, Purple set out on a hunt to find 5 more hungry consultants to join our 13 week internal training programme. (Find out more about what the programme entails here.)

Our new recruits have fitted in just perfectly, as we knew they would, and we have high hopes for them all.

Meet the team:

Hayley, our half Egyptian, Hertfordshire girl has a degree in Journalism. Once she had graduated she took a role in recruitment before setting off on her travels, with that behind her she also did some resourcing work while she plotted in Australia. On her return to the UK, Purple appeared a perfect opportunity mixing her natural flair for recruitment, her interest in creative and knowledge of journalism, she will be covering Perm Production roles including Artworking, Retouching, Visualising & Studio.  A bubbly girl who loves nothing more than enjoying food and drink with friends, so we think she will fit in well with us here.

Lyndsey-Jayne from Kent, has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Her previous roles have been sales focussed but her real talent it for Web and Graphic Design which she has done alongside on a freelance basis. She is a huge penguin fan, so much so that she has a tattoo of one! Favourite hobbies include running and drumming, so let’s just say she’ll be making some noise in the freelance space specialising in Digital Design.

James our football loving lad from Liverpool, had a wide range of work experience prior to his move to Purple, with roles including property, logistics and most recently recruitment.  He loves to travel and his previous excursions have included motor-biking across India, teaching English in Indonesia, and working in Australia. Outgoing and enthusiastic James looks set to do great things in the fast paced freelance creative area covering Integrated and Advertising Agencies.

Joanna studied French and Spanish at Uni and has previously worked in Marketing at IBM and StayinFront. The lovely Joanna is currently representing her town in the Miss England Semi Finals 2015 as Miss High Wycombe and she is not to be messed with as she is also a keen boxer. But her real passion has always been creative, and prior to her degree she studied Product Design and Graphics so her role at Purple is a natural progression. Joanna will be specialising in Perm Design, including Branding, Retail and Packaging.

Matt, from Manchester studied Engineering. He is a driven individual who once sold phone contracts in Sydney to fund the remainder of his travels, which in 40 degree heat and a suit was very challenging. His claim to fame being that he once stepped on Liam Gallagher’s foot while trying to get his pint from the bar! But Matt won’t be treading on anyone’s toes here as he takes on the recruiting of Perm Creatives across Integrated and Advertising Agencies.

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Posted at March 20, 2015 by admin

Top 5 project management systems for 2015


If you have an account management or project management job in London and you’re looking to carefully manage projects to improve collaboration and efficiency, you might find the job more difficult than you’d expect. To help you, our creative experts have put together this shortlist of five of the best on the market.


Perhaps one of the better-known project management suites is Basecamp. Initially, Basecamp started out as a tool for freelancers to help them manage things like website redesigns, but now, it’s been used by over 15 million people, and by 285,000 different companies. With free weekly seminars and excellent customer service, Basecamp stands out in terms of functionality.


While Basecamp is over a decade old, Podio is a much newer organisation that offers a clean, user-friendly project management layout with an integrated live chat and video conferencing platform included. The addition of a broad plug-in marketplace makes Podio a versatile tool as it can be changed to suite the business effortlessly. It’s also available on a freemium basis, so it might work out cheaper, depending on your business needs.


Boasting large clients like Dropbox, CBS Interactive, Pinterest and Airbnb, Asana is one of the more robust project management suites available on the market. With Google Drive integration, users can havetheir email forwarded directly to Asana where it can be automatically translated into a task. Free for the first 15 users, this tool is well priced for its features.


With a view to help its 50,000 users become more profitable through its “growth management software”, Mavenlink is a project management tool that means business. It integrates with QuickBooks and Google Docs, and is well optimised for mobile. Its project time tracking and time management functionality is a majour strength.

Zoho Projects

As probably the least established project management application on the list, Zoho Projects is an excellent suite that enables effective and decisive action to be taken on a project. It’s used by over 1 million customers, including Yamaha, eBay and Harvard Law School, and comes with a free option limited to 1 project.

Those are just five of the excellent project management and account management systems we think you ought to know about in 2015. If you’ve got an account management job in London and you’re looking for a new project management solution, take a look at these five.

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