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Posted at August 28, 2014 by admin

Free Training: How to Create User Friendly Apps

ipad 3
Do you want free training? Well join the club!

The Creative Class Club in London is run by Academy Class the UK’s largest Adobe Authorised Training Centre and is available for all. Purple are proud sponsors of this great scheme and encourage our creatives to make the most of this free training.

On 3rd September, join Chakib Labidi, a professional designer, who has more than 15 years of experience in his industry and find out all the cool stuff about app design.

In this meet-up you will explore a number of tools and techniques that can help you to translate an idea into a mobile app prototype.

The training will look at the methods involved in creating engaging and user-friendly apps for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. You will learn how you can utilise your existing skills to create a prototype that can be used to test and sell your idea to others.

There will be a focus on the design process rather than coding so, programming skills are not a prerequisite to make this seminar a success for you.

It really is a brilliant opportunity for those who always wanted to develop their own app but don’t know where to start.

We look forward to seeing you at 6:30pm Wednesday 3rd September, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London, SE1 7nq, London

Click here to book your place:

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Posted at August 26, 2014 by admin

Take the Nightmare out of Networking!

small talk

No one finds meeting new people easy, small talk is most people’s idea of hell! But the golden rule of business is not what you know, but WHO YOU KNOW. Networking allows you to make connections and build mutually beneficial relationships that can help to further your career and business.

These simple tips will help you to become a smooth small talker in any situation, and allow you to make the most every opportunity and build valuable connections.

Under Pressure
If you’re attending an event and will be in an environment to network don’t pressure yourself to meet a lot of people. Manage your expectations and remember it is quality not quantity. It is always best to spend time connecting with one or two great people, than feeling obliged to network with 10 superficial connections.

Break the ice
The most difficult part of networking is starting the conversation with strangers. While you can’t prepare for everything – it’s often worthwhile doing a bit of homework before an event so you have a few great questions you can ask, you may also be able to find out who will be speaking at the event so you can swot up on them.

You could even prepare a few questions/ ice breakers which would generally work with a broad collection of people – focussing on food or travel are good as everybody loves both of these things.

Early Connections
With LinkedIn and Google you may be able to find out who else is attending the event and connect with them beforehand. Most people will feel equally nervous about attending an event so connect with them before hand and so there is less awkwardness on the day.

Set a Time Limit
Don’t force yourself to stay for the entirety of the event. Commit to stay for a specific length of time and work hard when you are there, rather than hanging around for the whole event clock watching.  This helps to reduce the pressure, making you feel more comfortable about attending.

Be Approachable
People will feel compelled to meet and engage with you if you look interested and eager to mingle. Hovering in the corner on your mobile is going to make you look unsociable and unapproachable. Grab yourself a coffee, position yourself centrally and SMILE – you will be surprised how many people will approach you taking the stress out of hunting them down.

Once you have passed the introduction or ice breaker question, it is now down to the real connecting and networking. Ultimately you want to create memorable connection with someone and boring them with work jargon or professional chit chat will not suffice. Personal stories are what make you more interesting and will ensure people remember you and want to create a relationship.

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Posted at August 19, 2014 by admin

Celebrating Creative Women: Jen Sherratt, Head Retoucher

Week 7, Purple chat to Jen Sherratt, Head Retoucher at French Connection.

French Connection is a UK-based global retailer and wholesaler of fashion clothing, accessories and homewareSapient. Jen is the Head Retoucher,  which involves managing the creative and e-commerce side of retouching.

jen smaller 2

What does an average day at French Connection look like?
Each day at FC is  different, which is great as many ecomm brands have a really repetitive work flow.

French Connection pride themselves on being creative. Luckily in our team we get to work on a variety of projects, from editorial fashion shots for press look books, to creative compositions for online features, so we rarely have two days that are the same.

What career path lead to your current role?
Initially I planned to be a fashion photographer. However when finishing my degree I realised I had always favoured the post production side rather than actually taking the photo. From this point on I started applying for retouching roles.

I started at FC as a junior and had a great boss who taught me so much in a really short space of time. I found myself wanting to learn more, and I guess this confirmed that the directon I was heading down, was the right one for me!

What has been the biggest struggle in your career?
For me the biggest struggle had been juggling the work load. Things tend to happen really quickly around here. I can start a day thinking we are going to be quiet and within the space of an hour I can have the next two days booked up.

What is your favourite thing about your role? 
I really love working for a brand that is willing to push boundaries and be creative. We have a really talented team on the e-commerce side, being surrounded by so many great creatives helps make my job so enjoyable. The other thing I really like about my role is not knowing what sort of imagery you are going to get next.

What advice would you give to a younger self coming into the world of creative?
My advice would be to keep active with regards to learning and improving your portfolio! There are so many great sites where you can watch tutorials. There is always more to learn…

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Posted at August 18, 2014 by admin

Kicking off the Season


The sun was shining the grass was crisp the beer was being poured – nothing beats the first day of the football season! Located close to the ground – Purple are very fond of our local team Arsenal, so much so, we have 4 club level season tickets which we, along with clients and candidates will be able to enjoy throughout the coming months!

Our Director Matt and Senior Freelance Consultant Karan bagged the tickets for the first game and took along Alan White, Operations Director at The Brand Union and Sophie Lengui, Studio Manager at Fitch to make the most of Purple’s hospitality.

Highbury and Islington is a bustling area all week long but on match day there is always an extra buzz of excitement.  For pre-match grub, the very famous Cannonbury was chosen to fill their tummy’s and enjoy a few pints to get them in the mood. They headed into the ground for the 5:30 kick off and took their seats.

After last season’s opening match – where Arsenal lost 3-1, there was a lot of anticipation to see how they would begin this Summer! Crystal Palace played well and an early goal saw them take the lead. Arsenal were hot on their heels and equalised before half time! It took a late goal in the second half from  Arsenal to clinch the deal and the game ended with a win for the Gunners!

A brilliant day was had by  all, it was the perfect opportunity to socialise with our brilliant clients and continue to strengthen our existing relationships.

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Posted at August 15, 2014 by admin

The New Guy

Purple are thrilled to welcome yet another chap to our growing family of creative recruiters. Jordan Tritschler joined the team last week but it already feels like he has been here all along.jt 2

A very brief career history…
After leaving school, Jordan ventured into the world of recruitment. It was clear from the outset he had the charm and the chatter that would see him do well in this industry.  He now has 4 years’ experience under his belt, which includes 2 years of UX and Design recruitment which he is now specialising in at Purple.

Why  “Creative”?
Jordan is very passionate about creative and market that we work in. He tells me that it’s the brilliant work that he gets to see every day that makes the job so enjoyable, as well as the great people and talented individuals you get to meet.

Hobbies and Interests?
In his spare time, Jordan likes to read and learn new things. He is a massive golf fan and loves his football – especially Arsenal! Alongside these more chilled pastimes Jordan is a secret adrenaline junkie!

3 items you would take on a desert island?
It seems Jordan is a bit of a ‘Bear Grylls’ on the quiet, as his “must have” items on a desert island would be a spear and a compass (clearly he has done this before) and when he is bored of discovering and hunting he would like to have a golf set with endless golf balls .

Connect with Jordan now on LinkedIn and Twitter

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