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Posted at February 25, 2015 by admin

Who’s the Best Digital/Creative Recruiter of 2015?


It’s awards season! But forget the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the Brits it is all about  the Recruiter Awards for Excellence!

After a record number of entries and much deliberation from the panel of judges, it has been announced that Purple have been shortlisted for  BEST CREATIVE/DIGITAL/MEDIA RECRUITMENT AGENCY OF THE YEAR.

View the 2015 shortlist here:

The Recruiter Awards are respected as the benchmark of excellence within the recruitment industry and profession. The UK’s most prestigious honours in recruitment are recognised and celebrated.

Purple were also shortlisted last year for the same award, and were pleased to receive a “highly commended” in this category, however this year we are hoping to take the gold!

The  Awards ceremony will happen on Wednesday 6 May 2015, so we’ll be brushing off our tuxedos and gowns for the event! Purple will be hoping to continue our winning spree. After taking home a MARA award for Best Contract Recruitment Team in November!

We've been shortlisted w Anderson

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Posted at February 24, 2015 by Marketing

Celebrating Creative Women – Jessica Holdcroft, Senior Engagement Manager

Week 15, Purple chat Jessica Holdcroft, Senior Engagement Manager for Prophet.

Jessica began her working life as a business analyst, but her true interest was within the marketing and branding arena. In 2005 she came across Prophet a consultancy that fuses insights, strategy, creativity and imagination to help clients create better ways to grow, and it is here she has worked her way up through the ranks to her current role.

Jess blog 2

1) What does an average day at look like to you?

Every day is really different because I work with a variety of clients across industries and project type. So I might be working with a large multi-national helping to improve their customer experience, or a large financial company on the digital strategy, or help a big dairy company figure out which brands they should focus on in their portfolio.

In any given week I am travelling to clients, luckily most of them are in pretty cool locations like Stockholm, Zurich, Berlin, New York; so I can often find that my day starts with a trip to Heathrow. Regardless of where I am in the world or the client I am working with, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my emails, being in consulting means there’s a certain amount of availability that is expected so I like to know what my day has in store for me.

When in the office I spend a lot of time with teams problem solving or planning. The rest of my time is spent with emails and on calls to ensure that we are on track and keeping our stakeholders updated. As I have got older, I’ve tried to take a little bit more of a break for lunch and working in Covent Garden we are not limited on choice of places to eat. I tend to work until relatively late before heading to the gym or to see friends.

2) What career path lead to your current role?

I started working life as a business analyst but as exciting as excel is, I never felt passionate about my job. The subject area that I had enjoyed the most was marketing and working with the brand team so I decided to try and focus on that. Then I found Prophet! I joined as an associate and worked my way up. I have never looked back.

3) What is your favourite thing about your role

I get to work and solve some really big problems. These ‘problems’  are important enough, that our clients are willing to pay for us to help them.  We engage and work through the problems that are on the c-suite agenda and that’s really inspiring as these are the things which really makes a difference to a company and their performance. As a result we also get to work with really smart people who we can learn a lot from.

4) What has been the biggest challenge in your career?

Being relatively young for my role can be a challenge. But it just means that you have to establish credibility and build the trust and respect that you deserve.

5) What is your biggest work achievement to date?

I was awarded Propheteer of the Year which is our internal awards – it was a real honour given the calibre of people I work with. They are all super smart and passionate about life and what we do. So to be given the award that recognized all I put into my job was a big deal for me.

6) What advice would you give to a younger self?

Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt your ability, because when you want it enough you’ll get there. It  doesn’t matter if things don’t go quite to plan or took longer than you wanted, in the grand scheme of things it is all good!

Check out the many other amazing interviews with amazing women in our industry, click here:

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Posted at February 20, 2015 by Marketing

Team Bonding with Laser Guns

laser group

Every quater, Purple are treated to a social outing so the team can bond, kick back and relax out of the office. However in this dreary month of February, a meal or a drink just wasn’t going to cut it, so the Social Committee came up with something a little more adventurous…..

Star Command Laser Tag is a hidden gem in the heart of London! With the latest technology to give you the most exciting gaming experience and laser lighting to create cool effect you can really immerse yourself into the virtual world that is Star Command!

Purple headed to the venue in the West End of London and were split into two teams, GREEN and RED, then after an initial introduction and instruction from the Marshall we all got suited up and ready for Laser war!

The first 20 minute session went by in a flash of shrieking, running, hiding, bashing, shooting and laughing! We were all in need of a lie down, but there was only time to hear which team had won the session, recharge the guns and get back into position for session two! The second session had a little more strategy in place as everyone knew exactly what to do (and who to aim for!)

At the end of the game we piled out in fits of hysterics and awaited the individual and overall scores. It seems the RED team were by far the stronger shooters, beating the GREEN team in both sessions. A pat on the back to Kurt and Will for winning each round but a special mention to Amy “Sniper” Chettleborough who managed to hit one of the Green’s team players, on target, a whopping  44 times, compared the average which was about 12!

To complete the evening we headed to The Diner , in Covent Garden for beers and burgers to share the stories of (laser) war.

A hilarious night had by all. We look forward for returning for a rematch in the future!

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Posted at February 18, 2015 by Marketing

There’s never been a better time to go into recruitment


As we settle into 2015, there is a sense of optimism in the air. The economy is enjoying a strong upturn which is good for all industries, in particular the recruitment industry, with data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) showing that in the 2013/14 financial year, the value of the jobs industry grew by 8.2pc on the previous period‘ an extremely positive shift.  In the same period recruiters helped more than 63,000 people find new permanent jobs as well as up to 1.15m people who work on a temporary basis or contract work, on any given day  –  illustrating the integral role that recruiters play in driving the record levels of employment.

Alongside the recruitment industry enjoying an uplift, the creative industry is currently contributing 6% of GDP and employ over 2 million people (according to the CBI report) – thus for us here at Purple a specialist Creative Recruitment Consultancy it’s a hugely exciting time.

Within the creative, and particularly digital markets that we recruit into, there’s a huge focus on the skills gap as role requirements develop faster than people are able to upskill – but this challenge is not restricted to creative, it’s an area that recruiters like ourselves are witnessing. The recruitment profession continues to grow, with a recent report from the REC that stated an huge 96,000 people are currently working in the industry which is increasing year on year. But a skills shortage is developing, as more and more people realise that the common misconception that ‘anyone can recruit’ is far from the truth.

To be a successful recruiter you must be an expert salesman, a project manager, an industry expert, adjudicator and counsellor. However, if this skill set alone wasn’t difficult enough to recruit for, what is becoming startlingly obvious in recent years is that beyond skills there is a huge weight on cultural fit which comes into play – making it a real challenge to find a skilled recruiter who will fit into your organisation.

“There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play.” William B. Given, Jr

At Purple we pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge our personal service and wonderful culture, and during a period of growth were been trying to recruit the perfect consultants with little luck. So, to overcome this challenge in October 2014, we began the Purple Academy. After an extensive search and interview process we found five excellent individuals who looked set for greatness.

There has always been a commitment to training and development for all staff at Purple, however we felt there was a need for a bespoke training programme designed to nurture key skills and develop the depth of knowledge required to be a top billing consultant. In order to head up this new division we employed the talents of Matthew Williams, as Head of Training and Development. Matt’s extensive experience in training across the recruitment and sales markets’ combined with Purple’s specialist knowledge and recruitment tools,  enabled us to develop a dedicated industry leading, on-the job, step by step learning process.

Using a combination of classroom based theory, ‘on the job’ and one to one sessions, the training programme provides our trainee’s with telephone skills, interview skills, setting up a recruitment desk, delivering client pitches and presentations, business development and sales techniques, head-hunting, attracting the best talent and bespoke recruitment techniques to develop into a top Purple 360 recruitment consultant.

Recruit Joshua say’s ‘The training I have received so far from Matthew has been invaluable throughout my learning process, of not only the industry sector but the fundamentals of being a successful recruitment consultant.’

The Recruitment industry is a hugely rewarding industry to work in when you are in the right environment, and we hope that projects like our Academy will roll out in other consultancies getting more of the working population excited about the opportunities that a career in recruitment can bring.

We are thrilled to announce that announce that after such a successful first round, that the Academy is launching again and we have 6 exclusive places to fill. View more information by clicking here and email to apply.

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Posted at February 16, 2015 by admin

Why viral marketing works

viral marketing 2015

viral marketing 2015

Marketing in the age of social media is a real challenge. How do marketers design and implement creative campaigns that will control people’s attention and convert them to their cause? One answer is viral marketing.

A smart, original idea can take the campaign from local, to national and perhaps even international audiences in just 24 hours. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of our favorite viral campaigns of recent times. What does it take for a campaign to go viral?

1. Mad Men Yourself – AMC, Mad Men

Our first campaign is AMC’s Mad Men Yourself that coincided with the launch of series three of the popular US period drama Mad Men. You can give it a go for yourself, but essentially it’s a character creation application that allows you to build a Mad Men-esque character and then share it with your social media friends and followers.

The campaign works because it takes the thing that makes the show such a hit – its sense of style – and runs with it.

2.  Like a Girl – Always (Procter & Gamble)

First off, watch the clip here. Aired during the Super Bowl, this ad challenges gender stereotypes by suggesting that the phrase “like a girl” can negatively affect adolescent girls’ self-esteem.

The ad simply shows adults and young men acting out how they think girls would run, throw and fight. The responses are unflattering. At the end of the ad, a group of girls repeat those actions but perform them extremely well. This is followed by a call to action, inviting people to join in the conversation online.

But why is it so effective? Well, it’s an emotionally raw subject, powerfully captured at one of the largest male-dominated sporting events in the world.

3. Pay with Love – McDonalds

With close to 15 million hits on the official McDonald’s YouTube page, this early Valentine’s Day promotion/ new tagline promotional tool “Choose lovin’” asks randomly selected customers at participating stores to complete random acts of kindness a la ringing their mums, or hug a stranger.

Those that do receive free food, and the whole thing has been edited down to a 60 second Super Bowl clip. It’s uplifting, inventive, and human.

4. 1 Million Hits for UK Release – Demand IT (Paranormal Activity)

There might have been 1 too many sequels to the classic, low budget horror film Paranormal Activity. However, we’re still impressed by the original’s viral marketing campaign that saw the filmmakers ask its online UK audience to get 1 million hits on the campaign to unlock an early showing to a limited UK audience.

The campaign was an instant success, and remains an excellent example of a campaign that works at the national – rather than international – level. It also shows that urgency can be a great marketing tool.

If you find these viral campaigns as inspiring as we do, you might consider switching into creative job or design job where you could have the opportunity to implement your very own viral marketing campaign. For an extensive list of creative jobs in London, see our creative services and production jobs.

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