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Posted at August 1, 2014 by admin

Celebrating Creative Women: Cheyney Robinson, Creative Director

Week 6, Purple chat to Cheyney Robinson, Creative Director of Experience and Visual at SapientNitro.

SapientNitro is redefining the way that brands engage consumers by creating compelling stories and experiences that attract and resonate across an ever-evolving landscape.


An Introduction…

We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with and experience brands.  With this shift, consumer expectation has also changed. I work with clients across the globe, consulting on how to transform business challenges into opportunity spaces and ultimately, consumer benefit.  Without carbon dating myself too much, I’ve been creating brand experiences for nearly two decades now…

What does an average day at look like to you?

Thankfully no two days are the same for me, so it would be difficult to say what an “average” day looks like.  SapientNitro is very dynamic.  I can honestly say that I learn something new and different every day.  Someone once (quite wisely) told me, “When you’re a good problem solver, the world gives you bigger problems to solve.”  I have the privilege of working as a creative and strategic advisor to some of the most amazing brands in the world.  My role, quite simply, is to provide innovative digital solutions to complex business challenges.  As a client steward, I consult on digital transformation, campaign creation and digital experience design.

In my studio leadership role, most days are comprised of connecting with my project teams for briefings and creative reviews, working iteratively. Everyday we have spirited debate regarding products, services and brand experiences in the industry.  We celebrate new joiners and discuss how we can make the studio more vibrant, more inspired and more collaborative.

What career path lead to your current role?

Both of my parents were educators. They were incredibly supportive of my interest in the arts from an early age, and nurtured this with endless weekend and summer art courses (to my absolute delight).  They eventually permitted me to go to art school for university (Parsons School of Design) with the proviso that I pursue a dual degree.  I studied Graphic Design and Psychology, which quite unintentionally informed how I’ve worked my entire career.  I’m fascinated by brand experience, communication design and consumer insight.

What are the 4 necessary traits needed to be a Creative Director

I think a Creative Director needs to be curious, passionate, collaborative and fearless (but not reckless).

What has been the biggest struggle in your career?

I don’t personally believe you can have it all.  Life, to me is about dreaming very, very big, but making sacrifices to maximise choice.  I definitely think finding a personal/professional balance is hard.  I am deeply passionate about my work – and that passion is simply part of who I am.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

Creative Directors are expected to have strong opinions and to be outspoken, which is very empowering.  But the most rewarding aspect about my role is collaborating cross discipline – which encourages the best work through connected thinking. 

What advice would you give to a younger self?

I would advise my younger self to live in curiosity, never fear and to dream beyond wild imagination.  It is very often our personal passions and ambitions that will push our creative well beyond any brief or limit.

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Posted at July 27, 2014 by admin

#5 Designer Problems


#1 Switched On
As a designer your creative mind is constantly switched on. This is great when you are working and creating, but when you want to unwind it’s often impossible for designers to do so! So if sleepless nights thinking about fonts and layouts are a problem for you, try pulling out a notepad and scribbling down what is on your mind, it usually works to clear your thoughts and allow you to relax.

#2 “Can you make the logo bigger”
What appears to be an innocent request is actually one of the most common (and annoying) questions a client puts to a designer. Clients generally want the brand to be more prominent and noticeable but while brand recognition is crucial, there are other goals that are also very important and as a designer you should trust your opinion.

#3 Never Finished
The minute you deem your work to be “finished” immediately you are plagued with the overbearing feeling to make a change.

#4 Everyone thinks they are a designer
You wouldn’t tell a mechanic how to fix a car, or a chef how to cook, so it is very infuriating when people tell YOU how to design. Friends, family and colleagues constantly give you ‘creative advice’ and while an outside perspective and critique are not always a bad thing, you have to grit your teeth when you hear “why have you used that font” or ““why don’t you add…”

#5 Design Envy
When browsing the web you come across a website or a portfolio of work that is exciting and outstanding! Whether it be the colours, imagery or stunning typography, you get instant design envy and you worry that your work is not as good! As a designer you tend be an extreme perfectionist and judge your own work very harshly so give yourself a break!

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Posted at July 25, 2014 by admin

The A List: Purple Meet Jennie Child

The creative industry is brimming with talented individuals who are helping to shape our creative world. These industry A Listers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and Purple’s aim is to share their insights with our clients and candidates.

From CEOs,  to Creative Directors, Heads of Technology to Talent managers, there are an array of professionals that are behind the workings of agencies and we want you to meet them! We will delve into what drives them, what challenges they face, their views on the industry and explore their careers, and we hope this will help to inspire the new generation of creatives.

This week Purple met Jennie Child, Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Omnicom Media Group UK.


Jennie has been recruiting since 1999, starting out as an agency recruiter specialising in design and branding recruitment initially, she then moved into general marketing. In 2006 Jennie decided to go in-house at WPP,  a few year later she joined Ogilvy and Mather, and then a 18 months ago she joined Omnicom Media Group as Group Head of Talent Acquisition. Her experience across three of the most prestigious media agencies has provided her with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of talent in our industry.

We discussed the challenges of attracting and recruiting talent in the industry today and how recruitment competition is now bigger than ever, due to how passive the talent market has become with the development of social media and the rise of internal recruitment teams. This is not helped by the huge drive by employers to retain great people, which means getting a candidate all the way to the finishing line is increasingly difficult as employers make a huge attempt to retain them. Even large agencies like Omnicom Media Group must immerse themselves in building their employer brand to ensure they appeal to the passive talent pool that is out there.

Despite all the development of social media and technology, Jennie is a purest in that she still firmly believes that relationship building is the best way to resource talent. Being personable and approachable as well as having strong networking skills and being innovative in today’s market are the secrets to being successful in talent acquisition.

To watch the full interview click here:

jenn 2

To find out more about Omnicom Media Group UK visit their website: OMG

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Posted at July 21, 2014 by admin

Don’t let your business get left behind!

Digital, is slowly taking over every aspect of our lives and in particular in the workplace. For businesses to advance, digital has to be integrated across the entire organisation and this is why many companies are now completing a digital transformation. For example the BBC last week announced a huge investment and restructure of their digital division in order to save money and deliver a better quality of service to their customers.  For your business to strive it is vital for company heads to understand the strategic impact of digital and the resulting changes to consumer behaviour.

Back in April Brand Republic hosted a Digital Transformation and Talent Retention webinar and the huge uptake of attendees proved how important this topic is in today’s economy.

Purple’s MD Toby Thwaites was a key speaker, due his expertise on digital recruitment and what challenges companies face when recruiting a strong digital cohort, he was also able to offer advice on how companies can nurture and retain the very best digital talent. Alongside Toby, was Niall McKinney CEO of Knowledge Engineers, the world’s leading digital education company. Chairing the webcast was the multi-talented Antje Derk, Careers Content Editor or Haymaket Media.

The interactive nature of the Webcast seemed to be a real success enabling a real-time Q&A where the audience, from a range of organisations, were able to receive instant resolutions to their digital transformation and talent issues.

In order to make the vital information and the poll results easier to digest we have collated them into a bitesize chunk in this helpful infographic.
webcast results 2

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Posted at July 21, 2014 by admin

Purple Nominated for Best Recruitment Website Award!

The Dadis, held in association with Synergist, bring together individuals and companies at the forefront of digital and provide the perfect opportunity for those entering to prove how good they are.

The judging panel included top marketers from Philips, Google, Adobe and Visa all playing a part in choosing the best digital work from a record number of entries. The panel were delighted with the standard of work entered and David Burgess, CEO of Reading Room UK said “The spectrum of work was incredible from mobile apps to manage multiple projects – truly inspiring”.


Purple Consultancy are extremely proud to announce that we were one of the nominees in the Best Recruitment Website/App/ Campaign category for our cutting edge website design.

When we redesigned our website in October 2013 we wanted a site that would be future-proof and fully responsive. The new website incorporated our new heritage brand identity, with fully responsive visibility and cutting edge design and navigation. Recruiter websites are often very busy and text heavy, but we wanted to distance ourselves from this and create an enjoyable and simple online experience for our professional. This nomination is proof that our dynamic, forward thinking website is one to be proud of, and that our hard work has been recognised.

There were over 550 entries this year, so our nomination is a great achievement already and we look forward to the awards ceremony in October!

See who else made the shortlist here.


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