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Posted at July 21, 2014 by admin

Don’t let your business get left behind!

Digital, is slowly taking over every aspect of our lives and in particular in the workplace. For businesses to advance, digital has to be integrated across the entire organisation and this is why many companies are now completing a digital transformation. For example the BBC last week announced a huge investment and restructure of their digital division in order to save money and deliver a better quality of service to their customers.  For your business to strive it is vital for company heads to understand the strategic impact of digital and the resulting changes to consumer behaviour.

Back in April Brand Republic hosted a Digital Transformation and Talent Retention webinar and the huge uptake of attendees proved how important this topic is in today’s economy.

Purple’s MD Toby Thwaites was a key speaker, due his expertise on digital recruitment and what challenges companies face when recruiting a strong digital cohort, he was also able to offer advice on how companies can nurture and retain the very best digital talent. Alongside Toby, was Niall McKinney CEO of Knowledge Engineers, the world’s leading digital education company. Chairing the webcast was the multi-talented Antje Derk, Careers Content Editor or Haymaket Media.

The interactive nature of the Webcast seemed to be a real success enabling a real-time Q&A where the audience, from a range of organisations, were able to receive instant resolutions to their digital transformation and talent issues.

In order to make the vital information and the poll results easier to digest we have collated them into a bitesize chunk in this helpful infographic.
webcast results 2

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Posted at July 21, 2014 by admin

Purple Nominated for Best Recruitment Website Award!

The Dadis, held in association with Synergist, bring together individuals and companies at the forefront of digital and provide the perfect opportunity for those entering to prove how good they are.

The judging panel included top marketers from Philips, Google, Adobe and Visa all playing a part in choosing the best digital work from a record number of entries. The panel were delighted with the standard of work entered and David Burgess, CEO of Reading Room UK said “The spectrum of work was incredible from mobile apps to manage multiple projects – truly inspiring”.


Purple Consultancy are extremely proud to announce that we were one of the nominees in the Best Recruitment Website/App/ Campaign category for our cutting edge website design.

When we redesigned our website in October 2013 we wanted a site that would be future-proof and fully responsive. The new website incorporated our new heritage brand identity, with fully responsive visibility and cutting edge design and navigation. Recruiter websites are often very busy and text heavy, but we wanted to distance ourselves from this and create an enjoyable and simple online experience for our professional. This nomination is proof that our dynamic, forward thinking website is one to be proud of, and that our hard work has been recognised.

There were over 550 entries this year, so our nomination is a great achievement already and we look forward to the awards ceremony in October!

See who else made the shortlist here.


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Posted at July 18, 2014 by admin

NEWBIE in Town!


Introducing Purple’s newest edition,  Georgina Martin! The lovely Georgie has joined the Purple brood and will be shaking up the Client Services team.

With her bubbly personality and hardworking attitude she was a natural fit for Purple and the role of Resourcer!

A very brief career history – Georgie is our youngest Purple member and since leaving school she has packed her time with a range of roles, beginning with a sales job,  she then helped to run her family’s successful furniture businesses and since then she’s worked for two recruitment agencies in different industries before settling in at Purple!

What are her hobbies?  In her spare time Georgie likes to go back to her roots as she is a country girl at heart and likes nothing more than having a mess about on the farm and catching up with friends.

What three items would she take to a desert island?  Proving she has brains and beauty, sensible Georgie said she would take her shotgun with her if she were to be stranded on an island, a pillow for comfort, and an extreme dot2dot to keep her occupied.

We think this level headead country lass is going to settle in very well, give her a nice big Purple welcome and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter now!

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Posted at July 17, 2014 by admin

Kids That Code!


As children prepare to break up for their holidays, education boards prepare the curriculum for September, when many children will be taught to code. Children will start learning to write code when they enter school at the age of five, and will not stop until at least 16, when they finish their GCSEs.

In the last few years the UK has finally woke up to the importance of coding, with organisations around the county helping young people learn these key computer skills.  The 2014 curriculum was announced back in July last year and will put coding at the heart of IT education; “For the first time children will be learning to programme computers. It will raise standards across the board – and allow our children to compete in the global race” Michael Gove, Education Secretary said.

In its simplest form, coding is the art of telling a computer how to perform complex tasks. With many different computer languages like Java, Python and Ruby on Rails, it seems French and Spanish may become neglected as the second language that children learn.

So why do children need to learn the language of computers and coding?

We live in a world dominated by technology and software, and the next generation’s world will be even more digital! Learning computer science and coding also helps to teach children vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills.

Another huge benefit of teaching code at a young age is that it will pave the way for future employment prospects as job growth in this sector is booming! The Sunday Times recently referenced the story of a Cambridge student who paid £7,000 for a coding course after graduating. The course took just 12 weeks, and once completed she was snapped up by a great computer software company and after 3 short months of full time work, she had paid back the cost of the course and was set to continue in a prosperous career.

There is no escaping the fact that coding is the future.  It is used to build websites and apps, make music and games, even publish books. It means you can be creative with computers, boost your earning potential. So whether your children are preparing to learn to code or not, there is no better time for you and your family to explore the world of code and the amazing training opportunities out there.

For more information on coding courses for a range of ages and levels check out these websites:
Academy Class
Code Club

Year of the Code
Young Rewired Club

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Posted at July 15, 2014 by admin

What Can You do in a Day?


Last week, Purple were lucky enough to become ‘Associate Editors of The Drum Magazine’ for the day!  It was the second year that The Drum took on the challenge of producing a complete edition of their monthly magazine in just one day.

At 8:30, The Drum team along with a host of inspirational speakers, industry experts, clients, and agencies congregated at Etc Venues, Bishopsgate to begin the challenge. From the outset, Editor Gordon Young expressed the importance of interaction and how necessary everyone’s input would be to help them produce the best issue of the magazine yet.

The day was split into different sessions, so we were able to choose which speakers and topics were most relevant and interesting to us. Purple decided to first attend “The Art and Science of Making Content Users Want to Share” presented by Will Hayward and Phillip Byrne from Buzzfeed. Their entertaining presentation was really insightful, and we learnt that ‘nostalgia’ and a ‘human factor’ were the two key elements to creating content that people want to share!

We than attended a session on how to “Make Better Vines That Stand out From the Crowd”, with Richard Barley, Creative Technologist from Twitter. As Vine novices – this session was really informative and Purple are now the proud owners of a vine channel, and will be posting content soon!

It’s no secret that Purple are passionate about women in creative and are always looking at ways to encourage equality in our industry – so the next session was an obvious choice. “Evolve or Die – Tackling a Scourge of our Industry”,  was presented by Harriet Minter (Head of Women in Leadership at The Guardian), Emma Sexton (Director of She Says) and Amanda McKenna (Board Director, Zone). The session explored the gender splits across the industry and reasons why women may not be breaking through.

After a delicious lunch (and some spectacular chocolate mousse) the afternoon session began with a quick update on the progress of the magazine from the Editor Gordan. Then it was time for one of the highlights of the day, as Cindy Gallop took to the stage (Founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld), who managed to motivate and challenge the audience, with equal measure. She spoke about the importance of micro-actions and how we need to change the way we do business in the “new world”.

At 4pm we were actually able to see the magazine flat-plan and view the pages that had taken shape over the course of the day! It was incredible to witness the step by step production of the articles and pages and to be a part of it all, it looks set to be a truly fantastic edition, and we can’t wait to see it!

Make sure you get your edition, out on 23rd July!

Purple’s highlights of the day:

*The Human tweet box (a guy ‘beat boxing’ tweets and our favourite tunes!)
*Watching the progress of branding agency FITCH and Metro create the ultimate modern city for today’s urbanites
*Having an input in the winning cover design, created by art-workers from Adam and Eve DDB.Cindy Gallop’s inspirational presentation
*Cindy Gallop’s inspirational presentation

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