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Don’t let your business get left behind!

Posted at July 21, 2014

Digital, is slowly taking over every aspect of our lives and in particular in the workplace. For businesses to advance, digital has to be integrated across the entire organisation and this is why many companies are now completing a digital transformation. For example the BBC last week announced a huge investment and restructure of their digital division in order to save money and deliver a better quality of service to their customers.  For your business to strive it is vital for company heads to understand the strategic impact of digital and the resulting changes to consumer behaviour.

Back in April Brand Republic hosted a Digital Transformation and Talent Retention webinar and the huge uptake of attendees proved how important this topic is in today’s economy.

Purple’s MD Toby Thwaites was a key speaker, due his expertise on digital recruitment and what challenges companies face when recruiting a strong digital cohort, he was also able to offer advice on how companies can nurture and retain the very best digital talent. Alongside Toby, was Niall McKinney CEO of Knowledge Engineers, the world’s leading digital education company. Chairing the webcast was the multi-talented Antje Derk, Careers Content Editor or Haymaket Media.

The interactive nature of the Webcast seemed to be a real success enabling a real-time Q&A where the audience, from a range of organisations, were able to receive instant resolutions to their digital transformation and talent issues.

In order to make the vital information and the poll results easier to digest we have collated them into a bitesize chunk in this helpful infographic.
webcast results 2